Dr. Laura Armstrong, C.Psych.

Publications, Presentations, Workshops and Media Appearances

Dr. Armstrong has been invited to provide numerous professional and community-based workshops. She often presents on strategies for child and adolescent mental health resilience.

Dr. Armstrong has delivered practical, hands-on skill building workshops for parents, teachers, community leaders, children, and youth. More specifically, she has presented at school mental health days, professional development days, scientific conferences, and community events as a keynote speaker.

She has been featured on CBC radio and in other news media concerning Seasonal Affective Disorder, Gifted children, youth suicide prevention, and child resilience. The Ontario Ministry of Education invited Dr. Armstrong to provide a research brief on child resilience.

Dr. Armstrong is the editor of two textbooks:
She is the author of more than 30 published, in press, or submitted peer-reviewed book chapters and journal article manuscripts.