Dr. Laura Armstrong, C.Psych.

Child and Youth Assessment

Have you wondered whether your child might be gifted and need some extra challenge at school?

Has your child’s teacher conveyed concerns about your child’s behaviour, learning or attention?

Dr. Armstrong provides assessment for mental health concerns, learning challenges, giftedness, autism spectrum disorder, and attention deficits, among other issues.

Child and Youth Treatment (Psychotherapy)

Has your child or teenager seemed more irritable or sad lately? Does he or she seem more anxious than his or her peers?

Is it a struggle to get your child or teenager to school?

Has your child or teenager been harming him or herself?

Is your teenager questioning their identity and need support?

Does your child experience challenges associated with high intelligence, such as perfectionism, emotional intensity, or sensory sensitivities?

Does your child or teenager become obsessed with things or hoard things?

Adult Treatment (Psychotherapy) and Assessment

Are you having trouble finding your everyday life meaningful?

Would you like to be happier, less angry, or more patient?

Perhaps you have been having difficulty coping with work, family demands, having to give up a valued activity, or another recent stressor.

Have you been experiencing stress, anxiety, traumatic symptoms, or depression?

Couples and Family Therapy

Are there challenges in your relationships?